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Buchen Sie die meine Keynote «Film berührt».

Juni 1, 20130 Comments

Filmreife Lernprozesse mit Video- und Handykamera anstossen. Joachim Maier zeigt Praxisbeispiele, in denen mit einfachen technischen Mitteln lebendige Geschichten im Medium Film aufgenommen und wirksam in Entwicklungsprozesse eingebettet werden.

Die Lingua Franca der Social-Media-Generation für Beratungs- & Entwicklungsprozesse kultivieren

Mai 1, 20130 Comments

Cinematic Consulting is ‘emotionalizing’ and ‘shaping’ corporate processes of any kind from within. By means of ‘giving voice’ to the corporate crowd in strategic, transformative or educational processes all-alike.

Inspiration for Organizational Developers: I have listened to you; I have learned (Obama) – and you?

April 27, 20130 Comments

What if you wanted to know how your people tick? In his victory speech, Obama said „I have listened to you; I have learned“. In Shakespeare times a king would wander around his fellows in disguise. And listen. Refresh your Shakespeare & watch how to gain insight by traveling the organizational shadow (3 minutes)… Cinematic Consuting is here to help your CEO pulling this stunt off. Learn from the best: your fellows. Listening like a President or King.

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