4) Skype-Interview & Video

Must See: Skype Interview Tips (Video 2:32 minutes.)

More useful resources:

  • Skype Interview Tips: In today’s global workplace more and more employers are opting for the Skype, Live Messenger or video interview. These interviews cut down on travel expenses, save on fuel (making it better for the environment) and provide the employer with a much quicker and easier way to find the perfect person for the position without the time consuming face-to-face interview process...read more
  • 8 important tips for Skype interviews: With video interviews becoming more common during hiring, not being prepared can easily keep you out of the running. While meeting via video is time saver, getting past the technological barriers of not speaking face-to-face can be difficult. Looking for more ways to impress? Here’s how to handle a Skype or video interview...read more
  • 7 Deadly Skype Interview Sins: Certainly, the Skype interview doesn’t replace face-to-face interviews, but it allows people to get a much better feel for their potential colleagues early on in the process. I’ve held a dozen Skype interviews in the last month alone. Job seekers in the coming spring should avoid these seven deadly Skype interview sins if they want to succeed...read more
  • The future of early stage recruiting: Wowzer replaces the phone screen portion of the recruitment process with a video screen...read more
  • If your cover letter would be replaced by an application-video, what would you tell in 30 seconds?

Passionate for Ferrari – a good example of a video application

Please allow me to introduce Dr. Elsa Callini. The 31 year old Italian attained a PhD in material-science for to score a job at the Ferrari Racing Team. Could we give her a hand? Watch this 3 minute movie and maybe call your friend at Ferrari?

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