2) Digital Jobhunting

Must Read:

Slideset for the BNF digital jobhunting cours pdf-download

Digitale Jobjagt Skript zum Download :: e_book_digital_jobhunting_latest

MUST SEE Video Tutorial: 5 minutes digital jobhunting per day is enough with the RSS-reader Feedly (12 minutes video instructions: walkthrough to your Feedly setup)

Build your jobhunting information cockpit with Feedly. Screen through your relevant job-openings in minutes a day and tab into relevant communities of practice. Keeping ahead of the job market game-changers: Web-job-search, RSS-feeds & job information aggregation tools.

Reference C.V. section with excellent quantifiable accomplishments

The WHY question.

TED-talk about why your ANSWER to the ‚WHY do you want to use that search focus‘ is essential to succeed on the job market (click here to watch the video).

Digital Age Job Hunting: The Ugly Truth

It really is an understatement to say that things have changed since the Internet was born. Nothing is the same… and our parents, God love them, experienced a completely different challenge when they began their job searches twenty, thirty, forty years ago. So their advice, which usually is priceless and sufficient, falls short at the crucial moment of transition between college and job search. I’ve found that even friends ten years older than me have irrelevant advice, because they were looking for work during the Internet’s onset and the economic boom of the nineties. It was a completely different ball game…read more

Instruction & Templates to create an EU-conform CV (that increasingly looks like a good linkedIN Profile):

Drawing up a curriculum vitae is an important step in looking for any job or training. The CV is often the first contact with a future employer. It needs to seize the reader’s attention immediately and to demonstrate why you should be given an interview. Important! Employers generally spend no more than a minute on each CV when making an initial selection from applications received. If you fail to make the right impact, you will waste your opportunity…Read the following information carefully before entering your details into the template.

Here is the key to get noticed (CV & LinkedIn-Profiles alike)

Remember that recruiters never use adjectives in finding people, but very concrete names and process-related keywords. So fill out a profile that is not restricted into certain length, but fill it out well to the extent that your experience requires, and if there are skills and experience in your past that are of no importance to you today, leave them out or keep them short.

To highlight your seniority, you need numbers. Numbers such as direct or indirect HR responsibilities, budget size, and achievements of all sort. Tell us how you managed an account that was worth XX mEur annually, how you ranked no. 3 out of 20 people in your department, how something you did enabled the company to save 200.000 Euros per anno, how you negotiated new subcontracting agreements and reduced material costs with 7%, how your team was responsible for delivering 10 million smartphones to Asian markets last year, and whatnot. Use numbers to highlight how you achieved and over-achieved your targets several years in a row…read more

Fokus: how is your recruiter / future boss & regarding your application (click Image for the presentation)

Subtext: when does the digital jobhunt start & who is hunting whom?