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Slideset for the BNF digital jobhunting cours pdf-download

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Digital Age Job Hunting: The Ugly Truth

It really is an understatement to say that things have changed since the Internet was born. Nothing is the same… and our parents, God love them, experienced a completely different challenge when they began their job searches twenty, thirty, forty years ago. So their advice, which usually is priceless and sufficient, falls short at the crucial moment of transition between college and job search. I’ve found that even friends ten years older than me have irrelevant advice, because they were looking for work during the Internet’s onset and the economic boom of the nineties. It was a completely different ball game…read more

Instruction & Templates to create an EU-conform CV (that increasingly looks like a good linkedIN Profile):

Drawing up a curriculum vitae is an important step in looking for any job or training. The CV is often the first contact with a future employer. It needs to seize the reader’s attention immediately and to demonstrate why you should be given an interview. Important! Employers generally spend no more than a minute on each CV when making an initial selection from applications received. If you fail to make the right impact, you will waste your opportunity…Read the following information carefully before entering your details into the template.

MUST SEE Video Tutorial:

5 minutes digital jobhunting per day is enough with the RSS-reader Feedly (12 minutes video instructions: walkthrough to your Feedly setup)

Build your jobhunting information cockpit with Feedly. Screen through your relevant job-openings in minutes a day and tab into relevant communities of practice. Keeping ahead of the job market game-changers: Web-job-search, RSS-feeds & job information aggregation tools.

Here is the key to get noticed (CV & LinkedIn-Profiles alike)

Remember that recruiters never use adjectives in finding people, but very concrete names and process-related keywords. So fill out a profile that is not restricted into certain length, but fill it out well to the extent that your experience requires, and if there are skills and experience in your past that are of no importance to you today, leave them out or keep them short.

To highlight your seniority, you need numbers. Numbers such as direct or indirect HR responsibilities, budget size, and achievements of all sort. Tell us how you managed an account that was worth XX mEur annually, how you ranked no. 3 out of 20 people in your department, how something you did enabled the company to save 200.000 Euros per anno, how you negotiated new subcontracting agreements and reduced material costs with 7%, how your team was responsible for delivering 10 million smartphones to Asian markets last year, and whatnot. Use numbers to highlight how you achieved and over-achieved your targets several years in a row…read more

Fokus: how is your recruiter / future boss & regarding your application (click Image for the presentation)

Subtext: when does the digital jobhunt start & who is hunting whom?


Jobhunting is a tough game – fancy a laugh?

Every once in a while, it’s time for a break – make sure you watch something funny to keep to morale up. One of my favourite outlets is Erica Buist’s Blog howtobejobless that landed her a one year contract at the famous newspaper The Guardian. Here are some brilliant entry pieces from her blog…

More useful resources:

  • Excellent LinkedIn profiles – Great LinkedIn profiles examples for dozens of industries...follow this link
  • LinkedIn groups and the hidden job market. Have you enrolled to all relevant LinkedIn groups matching your skills and industry yet? Have you searched groups for jobs? Perhaps now’s a good time to start!..read more
  • How to Effectively Use Twitter as a Job Search Resource. First impressions are just as important on social media. Make sure you have a great online description and photo. Be professional but interesting. Don’t just use your Twitter as a means of self-promotion — be interested in what other people are doing and engage with them. Share others’ stuff before your share your own. Actually network. Build lists for people across different disciplines. Join chats. Interact and start conversations. Initiate discussions with people who inspire you. It’s okay to step outside of your comfort zone. Share content that is valuable. The more relevant contributions you make, the more others will want to continue to follow you...read more
  • Digital wheelspinning: job sites, online resumes and email are valuable tools and resources for savvy job seekers. For the inexperienced or the clueless, they are black holes that suck up countless hours in digital wheelspinning. Let’s face it — to some, the PC and the internet can become avoidance tools that keep you from the hard work of deciding exactly what kind of job you want and narrowing them down to the ones for which you’re qualified, then pounding the pavement to get your best self in front of as many prospective employers as possible. After speaking with many HR professionals, employers and experienced jobseekers, I’ve isolated the seven most common mistakes that can stall a job search in the digital age...read more
  • How To Get Noticed – Job Hunting Secrets For Career Changers: Responding to advertised openings or uploading your resume to databases may fill your time, but it won’t get you a job. Generally, these are ineffective and passive approaches – just like hoping and wishing that recruiters will magically find a position for you. You may be doing lots of online job hunting activities and making inquiries about openings, but if you’re not developing meaningful, genuine, memorable relationships that will put you on the radar of hiring managers or “recommenders,” you’re probably wasting your time...read more
  • Twitter – The Hidden Weapon of Job Hunting: blogpost from an Asian Woman about how a purely unexpected incident changed her entire view on Twitter and led to new discovery of techniques in job hunting...read more
  • The Best Job Search Websites: Since our last roundup of top job sites, Indeed jumped from 50 million visitors a month to 100 million—53 percent of all Internet-based job search traffic in the United States. Indeed has, indeed, even made some people rich. The New York Times sold off its partial ownership last year for $167 million. That’s amazing for a site that is totally free for job seekers, with listings aggregated from thousands of company websites and job boards across all fields...read more
  • Job Hunting with Social Media–The New Way to Find A Job. The first step is to Google yourself! What’s out there? If you’re job hunting, you should at least be on LinkedIn. Chances are you’re also on Facebook and Twitter. Take a look at how you look on there. More and more employers are looking at candidates’ Facebook and Twitter and factoring what they see on there into hiring decisions...read more
  • General but good advice: 10 ways to find your dream job. The first and most important aspect to getting anything you want is knowing what you want. If you don’t really know what your dream job is, you will never find it. Many literal dreams are chaotic splices of our lives. Things that we partially understand and things that we want to know more about because they excite us show up as manifestations in our dreams...read more
  • Stop looking for the LinkedIn keyword magic: To get the best results from LinkedIn search, you need to consider how the algorithm that delivers and ranks results actually works. Results are based on:  (In order.) 1) Location and proximity to you. 2) Your connections according to level. 3) Members of groups you belong to. 4) Headline on the profile. 5) Keywords...read more

  • 12 Resources to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile: Whether you use your LinkedIn profile to generate leads, be searchable or maintain your expert status, you should have a profile that reflects who you are. You need a multitude of items to make your professional profile stand out. A professional photo should be a no-brainer. Also, use your full name and fill in as much of your experience as you can...read more
  • 7 Technologies to Improve Quality of Hire and Hiring. You can look at all the resumes and cover letters you want, but sometimes these documents don’t give an employer the full story behind a potential employee. How can you ensure you’re hiring the best of the best?..read more
  • Here are the top five social media trends impacting HR to watch in the coming year: 1) Gamification Becomes A Standard Practice. 2) The Death of the Resume. 3) Your Klout Score Will Become A Measurable Currency. 4) Personal Branding Will Be A Required Skill. 5) Recruiters Will Find You Before You Know You Are Looking For A Job...read more
  • Dump Google Reader for Feedly, All the Cool Kids Are Doing It: The news that Google is shutting down Google Reader on July 1 of this year shook the Internet to its core this week. For many, it is the go-to feed aggregator that made looking deep into the heart of the online world possible from one window, and the news of its demise has us wondering what we’ll do next. What next? How about dumping Google Reader and switching to Feedly? In fact, a half-million people already switched in only two days...read more
  • Getting Your Resume Past HR Filters: 1) Inside the mind of an HR filter. One word: keywords. 2) Befriend the gate-programmer. 3) The nitty-gritty. Forgo photos; some filters have difficulty with images and as a result tag resumes as unqualified for the position that include them...read more
  • Recruiters: Your Days Are Numbered: Recruiting can be boiled down to three critical ingredients that make up the mix: sourcing, screening, and verifying. A traditionally manual function of HR, process automation is snatching the reins from bloated HR divisions and outside recruiters... read more

  • The Creative Ransom: Aggresive Job Hunting: In a ploy to land meetings with the right executive creative directors in Melbourne, Australia, Andrew Grinter and Lee Spencer-Michaelsen decided take job hunting to the next level. The young creative duo went on a URL buying spree, obtaining available domains matching the select ECD names. Those domains were held for ransom...read more
  • 8 Personality Traits Of People Who Don’t Let Job Hunting Crush Their Souls: Those best at finding their dream job have not only honed their skills but they’ve also built up the psychological know-how to get through a sometimes soul-crushing process...read more

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