Mit Social Filmmaking zu Employee Insights

My professional practice combines do-it-yourself (DIY) filmmaking with organizational development, training & consulting work. Social filmmaking is a method to collect, connect, redistribute & play with unheeded insights from within an organization, so called employee insights. To ‚get‘ an idea, watch the trailer or have a look at this prop of an employee insights movie-poster…

In Organizational development (OD), learning is a characteristic of an adaptive organization. Social Filmmaking for organizational development, the user-generated fabric of a movie in an organizational context, homes in as a reply upon the commonly neglected question what should we really adapt to and re-act upon?

The short answer is: One should act upon the stories that make up the living reality of all the people, whose job & passion it is to contribute to the reproduction of the focal system. By means of giving voice to the corporate crowd in strategic, transformative or educational processes all-alike.

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